What to expect

Some time ago, my professional mentor suggested that I might be wearing too many hats, which could present as professionally confusing or even improbable. She had a point; I am a very experienced singer, I write music, I produce shows, I own a children’s recording company, I work as a compere and I have a thriving singing teaching practice. This is the true sum of my wide-reaching professional parts. So, when my mentor asked me to prepare an elevator pitch about what I do (an elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive speech that should last no more than a short trip in a lift, about 20/30 seconds long), I seemed to lose sight entirely of who I was. This turned out to be a fantastic moment of reflection for me. I recognised that by necessity, curiosity and a visceral creative need, I have morphed and developed throughout my career in the most surprising ways and unsurprisingly, I no longer fit in any recognisable box. I am unexpected, even to myself and I am happy to be defined by that.

Nowadays, I hang all my professional hats in one place, my website. I am all the things that you see here.

Thank you for dropping by.