This is why I love teaching

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One little reason why I love teaching singing

In May, a shy 9-year old came to me for lessons, strongly encouraged by her parents who said that she sings at home all the time but needed to build her confidence. At her first session she reduced me to tears with a perfect and moving rendition of Quiet from Matilda. She is a joy to teach; she tries everything I ask her. She recently asked if I could help her learn another song from Matilda, the Escapologists Song, which requires lots of spoken word and is essentially a duet with the character’s father. She acted it so well, that we recorded it during her lesson and this is the result. Warning: As the only other person in the room, I had to cast myself as the tenor/father! It really is worth a listen, particularly when you consider that she had not performed in public or had a singing lesson until a few weeks ago. She has a passion for this music and is incredibly hard working.