shaping the vocal tract

Singers! Here's how to create the sound you really, really want.

I am a huge fan of using YouTube for learning; I have taught myself to play the musical saw and the spoons and can usefully turn napkins into credible terra dactyls. For anyone interested in singing, there is an Alladin’s Cave’s worth of imaginative, researched and properly useful information that is truly worth plundering. My students have been inspired to ‘have a fiddle’ (my favourite pedagogical term), after watching this video by US singer Tyley Ross, who sings in an MRI scanner, thereby enabling us to see exactly what’s going on inside his throat. By singing the same short section of Nessun Dorma in 4-different styles, we get to see the adjustments he is making, particularly with his tongue and soft palate. He admits that, due to the noise generated by the MRI scanner, he had to re-record the sound at a later point, but he is clearly a very accomplished singer and what you hear is certainly what you would have done in the ‘live’ situation. Thanks Tyley.