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Enjoying myself

Enjoying myself

I can never remember jokes. I am surprisingly good at names and I have an an almost supernatural memory for people’s voices, but generally, I have a terrible memory for most things that actually matter. In particular, the brilliantly inspiring nuggets of wisdom that pop up on my social media feeds. I have made the practical decision, if I can remember, to commit some of the best and most useful of these to the blogging bit of my website and to occasionally read them in the hope that, with repeated exposure, they will be osmotically absorbed and I will become a better and more enlightened human being. I will be known for my sagacity and my followers will come to me, the great Tanya Holt, for spiritual navigation. Possibly. I have tried blogging before, but after a few days of recording the minutiae of my existence, I got bored with myself and then simply used my forgetful gene (my mother’s side) to positive effect, and forgot to carry on with it. My ‘blog-self’ turned to dust some years ago, like a Marvel character, but without any chance of a pubic outcry or a season 2.

So, these nuggets are recorded here as an aide memoire. They will be absorbed and then I shall drop them into conversation with my students as if they were my own profound musings.

If by some twist of mis-navigation, you have stumbled across this stream of unabashed consciousness, feel free to nick anything you fancy and carry it off as if it was your own. Like I do.